Doris Rohr
52cm x 52cm

“A fragmentary  relic of a flower offered a starting point for inventing marks creating an ambiguity of interpretation: landscape, seedpod, enclosure and gestation all evoke a sense of circularity and interdependence of natural cycles and the embeddedness into land. Egremont Red, with its earthbound pigment, helped to ‘ground’ the process of drawing. The watercolour allowed for detailed and sensitive markmaking; it provided contrast to the gestural and gritty performance of the pastel. Chinese White was used to ‘temper’ the strong pigments of the pastel, and to create a balanced approach to the fragility of pencil mark and lightness of watercolour.”



Take off
Chris Robson
61cm high

“I have used Egremont Red as a watercolour. It has interesting possibilities. Easy to use, it has a rich earthy colour, somehow almost prehistoric, a colour for ancient warriors to daub on themselves before charging into battle, a colour of rust and red kites…. hence the artwork.”



Cherry blossom High Bank Hill
Irene Sanderson
40cm x 50cm

“The pigment worked with the paper giving a line of good colour and consistency on both wet and dry paper. When used on the brush it flowed well and dried to give bright and attractive colour. The colour was easily fixed on the paper with size when dry. It also washed off the brush well leaving the bristles clean.

It mixed well with the other colours. On drying it became rather flat and dull, almost dusty-looking but the hue is beautiful. High Bank Hill is an area of red sandstone so this colour is utterly suitable giving an accurate tone to the study.”


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