Oil Paint/

Sally Bamber
24cm x 30cm

“I like the texture to Egremont Red – it compares with Burnt Sienna in colour. From a photograph of Edward Manet I did a small painting on oil paper using the Egremont Red, both neat and mixed, with Raw Umber, Ochre, Cobalt Blue and Olive – I loved that I was painting in colour from a black & white photograph.”



Fleswick Bay
Ros White
100cm x 120cm

“I believe Egremont Red is an important medium when trying to paint sandstone, and sand which is so vital to my practice. In my large painting of Fleswick Bay, which is renowned for the warm sandstone cliff and wave cut pattern on the sandstone beach, I had to paint a huge range of tones. It was easy to blend with my other colours and I was pleased to see how many changes in tonal quality I could get as I worked on my beach paintings. I would certainly use Egremont Red again as it has a dramatic quality which I like to bring to my paintings.”



Immiscible storm
Dawn Mills
40cm x 30cm

“I wanted to explore what would happen if I tried to combine Egremont Red oil paint with acrylic water paint. Oil and water don’t mix – they are described as ‘immiscible’ (incapable of being mixed or blended together).

I chose to paint some sea storm studies. Oil floats on water, so I ended up using a palette knife in order to work with both mediums. This enabled me to work with a greater freedom than I usually do, which produced more unpredictable outcomes.”


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