Our watercolour tablets are produced by hand using a high proportion of pigment combined with natural additives. We try to source our ingredients locally and use mead produced by a local beekeeper as a preservative. The 25gm tablets which mix easily with water are packaged individually in tins and boxes, making them convenient to use both in the studio and on location.

Feedback from Artists

“I thought this was a lovely paint.  It lifts easily from the dry pan with a wet brush, gives a very good intense colour and also works very well as a wash, being quite lively in the wet.  I think it is a very nice paint which I would be very happy to use.  It would work well on white paper with just black – either charcoal, paint or ink.”
Jane Foale

“Egremont Red needs a lot of water and it dries quickly. It is a classic colour that can be used to ground a painting, for detail when used darkly and for washes for light coverings. It is a lovely addition to my palette”
Sally Bamber

“I have used Egremont Red as a watercolour. It has interesting possibilities. Easy to use, it has a rich earthy colour, somehow almost prehistoric, a colour for ancient warriors to daub on themselves before charging into battle, a colour of rust and red kites…..” 
Chris Robson

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