The colour of haematite varies depending on the particle size and shape. It ranges from a bright blood red to a reddish purple. The haematite ore from Florence Mine that we use has been ground to a fine powder. At this size it produces a rich russet red colour which makes the unique Egremont Red colour of our artist materials.

Like the Cumbrian shepherds who for centuries used red ruddle, a mixture of haematite and grease, to mark their sheep, today’s artists can use our  pigment to create their own artist medium. It can be added to oil, egg yolk or acrylic binder. It can be fired on glass or ceramic. It can simply be rubbed on to absorbent surfaces such as canvas, paper or wood.

Feedback from Artists

“I was very pleased with the pigment, which I used mixed with acrylic medium and titanium white acrylic paint. I thought it would make excellent flesh tones (and was right!) The pigment is an excellent user-friendly product and has a very useful and practical chroma – and in the future I intend to use it in other colour mixes. I will be a purchaser – buy local is what I say!”
Phil Cram

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