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Using a very high percentage of pigment, high quality cold pressed linseed oil and locally sourced beeswax, Egremont Red oil paint is mulled by hand using traditional techniques.  This labour-intensive process enables us to monitor each small batch guaranteeing its quality and consistency.

Because we use only the natural haematite pigment and natural ingredients, Egremont Red oil paint is very safe to use. It dries quickly and because of its excellent lightfastness retains its unique colour over time.

Feedback from Artists

“Not only is Egremont Red oil paint of a very high quality, it exhibits fantastic covering power with a stiff consistency and great colour intensity. A little went a long way, which is a true indication that that the paint is pigment-rich. Moreover, it yields a beautiful surface sheen.”
Pauline Lagan

“Wow, what a colour! I thought the Egremont red was a very powerful and intense colour. In this painting I mixed it with most of the other colours in the painting. Its texture is quite gritty, which led me to use it thickly, enjoying the textural quality.”
Alison Critchlow

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