Our pastels are hand rolled and dried naturally. Depending on the pigment used, varying quantities of Shetland talc and gum tracaganth solution are added to give strength and softness. Each pastel measures approximately 4.5cms and they are supplied as sets of three colours, Egremont Red. St Bees Yellow and Kirkby Grey in a small tin.

Feedback from Artists

“I have enjoyed using the Egremont red pastels. The colour of  the pastel is wonderful, the earthiness and subtlety enabled me to capture the rustiness of the decaying cables and machinery in the Dinorwig Quarry, Llanberis. I think the colour is a useful natural shade for the hues of the welsh landscape.”
Pom Stanley

“I am interested in working with natural pigments. My drawings combined Florence red with chalk, charcoal and various tones of ochre rock found in an ochre pit in Australia. Working against a green background the earthy red was rich and vibrant. It blended beautifully with the other natural pigments. My three pictures are based on ancient vessels or containers, made initially of fired earth and now drawn with rock, earth and wood.”
Rachel Gibson

“I have trialled the Egremont Red chalk pastel, and found it to be a good soft but cohesive texture. It is a strong and dramatic colour. The pastel works well when blended, as well as a strong line or block of colour.”
Renuka Saxena

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