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During C-Art, the Cumbria wide studio trail, Florence Arts Centre is putting on a group exhibition of artworks created from natural pigments and paints. The centre is open every day from 10am until 4pm. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the paint making studio and purchase the unique art materials produced there.

Michaela Gallagher uses iron ore in her degree show

iron ore workings

Michaela's Degree Show
Michaela’s Degree Show

Michaela Gallagher studied art at the University of Ulster in Belfast. Her work is focused on the iron ore mines in the area of Newtowncrommelin in the Antrim hills. The mines have been unused since 1933 but the impact is still evident on the landscape.

Her degree show consisted of objects  from Slievenanee Mountain where the iron ore mining took place and drawings completed using a mixture of pencil and iron ore pigment/rock.

As well as using pigment and rocks from the mine she successfully used some of our  Egremont Red pastels.

If you would like to see more of her work please look at her website.



New Colours!

We are expanding our colour range with two exciting new colours. The first, St Bees Yellow, is a dark yellow pigment obtained from a yellow sandstone found near St Bees. The second, Kirkby Grey, derives from the grey blue slate quarried in Kirkby in Furness for hundreds of years. Together with Egremont Red they provide us with a muted version of the three primary colours. We are experimenting initially with watercolour and pastels and hope to be launching the products soon.

Egremont Red is now available Cumbria wide

Our products are now for sale at The Heaton Cooper Studio (Grasmere), The Cockermouth Art Shop, Holts Art Shop (Whitehaven), Lowes Court Gallery (Egremont) and The Ruskin Museum (Coniston). The Rheged centre (Penrith) is also ordering stock ready for the C-Art events in September.

(Egremont Red products on display at The Ruskin Museum)